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Sandbox on forum for Ed/Pro version exchanges

Benson Shaw


Recent forum thread by user of education license revealed that pro version cannot open the ed version files.  Makes it harder to ask and to help if we cannot see the file content.


Wish:  Devise some form of sandbox so that Community Board users of all legal vwx licenses can exchange files or at least view files.


Idea:  I'm thinking there might be some way to do this by posting files into a special forum-only file sharing on the vwx servers. Or there must be some other avenue to allow this on the forums without danger of illegally creating or operating pro content via an educational license.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To clarify, the file format restriction on educational versions is a restriction imposed by some distributors of Vectorworks. For the US, professional versions of Vectorworks can open files created by the US educational version. The watermark from the educational version will be viable when the file is opened in the professional version and all resources will be watermarked.

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@klinzey  Many thanks for checking this out and explaining!  Seems that the HK version solution for protecting the Pro from lower cost Ed is working as designed.


But, my wish stands.  For posts presenting Pro/Ed version conflict on the Community Board, which is wonderfully international, provide a method to allow working with the files for exploration and help, while preventing "escapes" between the versions. The forum must not become a source for illegal conversion from Ed to Pro.



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