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Updating Resource Libraries each start of VW ?



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guess it´s only you.

i have 2020, 21 and 22 installed and the resources update frequently but not at every start of vw.

did you try to move one of your folders inside users-library-application support and then restart vw?

maybe it depends to that or some broken prefs...

there are also deeper prefs kept in root-library-preferences-vectorworksxxxx.plist

delete this and try again.

that solved some issues we had with some other phenomenons.

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When installing VW 2022 I chose to download all Libraries but

moved them later into my Workgroup Folder on an external SSD.

Will try if hiding root/library/preferences/vectorworksxxxx.plist

will change anything ...

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Did try to hide anything VW Prefs in Global or User :/Library/ Container, Preferences, Application Support

VW still updates Libraries with each start.

But I am on Monterey Public Beta (8 now)


AFAIK i have the same behavior on Windows, using the same Workgroup Drive.

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did you move or copy the library to the external ssd?

when you moved it, did you try to place an alias to the workgroup folder to point there?

maybe vw isn´t able to recognize that the original place is moved somewhere else...

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I wanted to save local disc space.

I expected that the Library dialog while first Installation of VW would

save these in App Library Folders only. So I let it install Resources.

Then I opened Finder for App Lib and Workgroup Lib Folders and

dragged all Resources except the Default_Resource Files over to

Workgroup on external SSD.


1 hour ago, bjoerka said:

maybe vw isn´t able to recognize that the original place is moved somewhere else...



I thought that's what "Refresh Libraries" is for, which I did after starting VW.

Thought I'ld be fine as my Workgroup Resources appeared in RM.


Maybe I did move a necessary System Resource accidentally ?

Should come back with a next SP installation ?

But strangely I have the same behavior on Windows, where I only added the

Workgroup Path.


Will try a VW Updater Repair though.




Updater Repair + Update Library dialog OK + Refresh Libraries again,

still asking for Resource Updates with each start.

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Yes, RW Access. Even when giving Full Disc Access.


Have hidden nearly all VW Settings from User Library and let VW recreate.

Still the Resource Update.


Thought about blocking some unwanted IPs on Mac. But I do not block on windows.


Will first look at Windows again, if VW works different in any way or not.

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I think it must be something in the Library Files itself.


AFAIR when dragging the Library Files over to Workgroup Folder,

there was a Warning that some files are watermarked, contain footprint or such things

and would only work with special editions of VW or such.


Maybe, by downloading ALL Libs, I may have accidentally downloaded

some Spotlight-only Libs that I am not licensed to use with my VW Arch or such things ....

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