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Data Tag to show dimensions of rectangle


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I want to create a series of generic spaces (or rectangles) to represent living, dining, bathroom etc. to move around the screen to explore potential layouts. These can be 2D only.

First thought - use Spaces. Layout a rectangle 12' x 14'. Convert to a Space. Dimension on tag is shown as 14' x 12'. Whoever decided that VW should do this to dimensions should be fired. This is a problem in several objects and is a royal pita. Rant off.

Okay, use a rectangle instead. Want to create a data tag to show the rectangle dimensions. I'm looking in Edit tag Layout / Define Tag Field / Object Parameters for some field for the rectangles width and height. Not finding anything. Am I searching in the wrong spot or is this information not accessible. I've looked everywhere I can think of. Any suggestions out there?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

What tag are you talking about? And as for calling for someone to be fired... That's incredibly rude and uncalled for. Provide more details and someone may be able to help. Otherwise, noting will be achieved.

Regarding the Data Tag: the width and height of a rectangle are not parameters, it's not a parametric object. As Tom mention "HWidth" and "HHeight" can be used. In addition, "Bounding Box Dim X" and "Bounding Box Dim Y" will provide the same result in this case. And finally, in VW2022 you can use worksheet functions in the Data Tag.

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My goal is to have a number of areas which have a name and dimension attached to represent living spaces (living room, kitchen, bath etc.) I can shuffle these around to play with different layouts for a floor plan. I find this is a method which works for me. Of course there are many ways to go about this. I started with the Space object. The problem with this is that the label does not actually show the width by the height of the object but rather the smallest dimension by the largest dimension. This does not satisfy the standard architectural notation. So I created a data tag for a rectangle. I couldn't find the reference to width and height in the tag object. Tom W correctly pointed out where this information is located. It didn't make sense to me that the width and height would be found under Function (which to me is add, subtract, sin etc). I did have some problems with the data tag which Nikolay solved for me. Now I have rectangle object which displays a name and dimensions in the order I desire. Hope this makes sense.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I see. So the problem was with the Space object's label. I'm glad the Data Tag worked out for you. You can still use the Space without showing its label and tagging it with the same Data Tag you use now if you need any of its functionality over a plain rectangle.

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