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Attaching a custom object to truss

Dave Toliver


I'm a newbie to VW and i've searched the forum unsuccessfully but I'm working on a show and need to add power distribution boxes to the downstage truss for weight calculations.  I tried to create a custom object by using the rectangle tool, create object from shape.  I then input the specific HWD demensions and weight in the object info pallet.  I'm having two problems:


1.  The box is still only 2D in the drawing, so clearly just adding HWD measurements do not create a 3D symbol.  

2.  I'm unable to attach the object to the truss.  


I'm sure all of this is covered in the VW University videos and on this forum but I could not quickly find it and am on a deadline.  I very much appreciate any help that I might receive here.  

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Dave

if you are using 2021 or 2022 the distributor tool from the new cable tools will allow you to attach distro boxes to trusses and have them included in weight calculations.

in 2021 the distributor tool is located in the preview tools palette, which you may need to turn on

in 2022 the distributor tool is now in the lighting tool set


or you can in the resource manager navigate to

Vectorworks Libraries Defaults>Cable Tools and look in one of the distributor folders

select the distro you want by double clicking on it and insert it on the truss as normal

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

another option is to use the insert load tool from the rigging tool set,

once the load object has been inserted go to the OIP and tick the Show symbol box 

then hit the select symbol button to convert the default geometry into a symbol of your choice

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