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Site and driveway cut


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Hi All


Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for cutting a driveway into a slope on the terrain model so that it lines up with the building platform. I can easily create a pad for my building but I want to cut a driveway at an angle across the site (cut one side and fill and retain the other) such that it lines up nicely with the building platform. The driveway also needs to curve slightly and go up 4m over about 20m length. I've always struggled with this because if you use 2 pads you can't join them without a tiny little bit of terrain sticking up where the site modifiers have to be clear of each other.. There must be a simple way to do all this surely?


Help Appreciated

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Curvy, sloped driveway is a great use of Hardscape>Slab>Aligned Slab. Align to driveway pad.  If opposite edge is defined by another slab or 3d object, the Aligned Slab will fall and twist between them. If opposite edge has no 3d object (you can just make up a dummy object, slab or extrude, which doesn't show in any views), define the end grades via Surface Modifiers>Grade.  Also use the Grades in as a faceted exo-skeleton around any curves which go wonky. This network can define the cross slopes, too.  The Aligned Slab can be the Site Modifier type to Cut/Fill the terrain, but needs a Grade Limits around it and any connected site mods to prevent those spikes between the slabs.  Can be a close offset around the slab and driveway, or maybe works with just a big Grade Limits around extents of the site.


Another work flow with plain slabs/hardscapes instead of those with retaining edges is to Extract the bottom edges (creates NURBS), convert to 3d Poly Compose into a single outline, and assign to the Site/DTM/Modifier class.  It will cut the terrain under the driveway.


Another work flow is to model the driveway edge with NURBS curves.  Adjust the z value of the relevant points. Convert to NURBS Surface and Shell for thickness. If no luck on the Convert to Surface, start with the planar NURBS edges, convert to Surface prior to adjusting the z points, then adjust the surface z values.  May need to increase the Degree.  Either way, Extract the bottom edges of the Shell, Convert to 3d Poly and assign to the Site/DTM/Mod class to cut the terrain. Needs a grade limits object around it.  This shape not based on slopes, so needs some knowledge of the intermediate edge point elevations.  Interpolate?


OK thats a really basic description of these things. Attached is a file with some examples and 'splainin. Click through the design layers to see NURBS version and Aligned Slab.  Use Top and flyover in OGL.  Thanks to Don Ward of vwx for help on this with our User Group!


More detail if needed.



RoadTerrain_DW v2021.vwx

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