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2022 Shaded Renderer — not quite ready for prime time?


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I thought it was me. I checked my math & it looked good: 0'0" should be where the walls and slab meet, at least as per the OIP. how could that light be passing under the walls?


I'm not crazy & neither was the OIP (OTG), it seems to be something nutty with the 'Shaded' implementation…

The attached movie shows a render starting with OGL, sorry, Shaded, next FRW, then FQRW.

2019 intel Mac 32 gB Ram 4gB VRam i7, etc

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I noticed that too for my Columns.

(Had upper Story Layers invisible to look into entrance level,

no clip cube)


At first I also thought my Columns may be slightly above the Slab.

But they are not, they are even intruding the Slab by 5 cm.

(Top of structural slab component, under finish floor)


Shadow Setting in Shaded is max, "High".

Geometry not that big (<200 m) and nearly centered.


Light leeks were barely noticeable when I opened the file.

So I switched from Orthogonal to Perspective to see if it worse.

it was a bit more noticeable - and now I see it leeking in both cases 🙂



And it seems worse when the Heliodon is in front of the camera.

Better when the Heliodon shines from behind the Camera or from

the side.

And of course more noticeable in "Low" shadow quality.

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