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Wish for a Stair Tool Add-on



Hello All,

So we have a new VW 2022.  Not a lot of WOWs on this community board.
And with this latest iteration comes a new Stair Tool. We’ve been asking since…..

Correction: a newly  ADAPTED old stair tool.


I mean really? The poly line creation process and the pushing/pulling to resize is good but one can’t go up, turn left, and then turn right…..error message. And the rest is the same tedious dialog leading to the same misshapen stringers and handrails.

I would like to know the answer to a few questions I have.


1.    Is this a mere appeasement…something to tide us over until they completely rewrite the entire program?  Highway officials have concluded that motorist have a high degree of driving patience within construction zones because they know something better is on the horizon. Give us a clue, please.  Road Map needs elaboration.

2.    Similarly, is it because of programming/code problems or is it simply due to the money that VW can’t do this?  Archicad did it (a near grand slam home run).  Did they have to rewrite their entire application? Or did they just put people on it.  If the current code won’t allow progress, just say so and I will quit griping and continue modeling. But if not, then what?

3.    I really wonder how much it would cost to put together a stair tool team, maybe take a year or whatever and hit a VW home run. I think a lot of us would pay separately more for this even if it was an add-on. Create a comprehensive stand-alone product.  Similar to Interiorcad. How much would it cost?

I wish somebody would.  What would it take?  $100,000? $1,000,000?
They could bill all the users who want it, a one time surcharge to cover the up front expenses.  So for example,  5,000 users who are willing could pay an additional 200 bucks one time only. Or whatever it metes out to.  I’d pay.  I think others would too.

Not bloody likely, huh?

I once suggested to Julian Carr (Ozcad developer) that he create a Stair Tool and he said no way.  Too internationally complex for him to want to bother.



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