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Issue with cable numbering when using %g

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It seems that there is an issue when using %g and a text representation of device socket in a cable numbering schema. When matching for Src_Skt_Name or Dst_Skt_Name and using as %1, %g will not increment. For example: Src_Dev_Name^=%g %1 will produce a unique incrementing number along with a source device name in text form for each cable. However, Src_Skt_Name^=%g %1 will not increment the unique number and will produce the number 1 followed by the source socket name for each cable. At the same time, %u seems to work fine.

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@the_fisher Well I have checked out what I can glean from the above and %g seems to work as designed.


%g looks at the entire cable number and checks that it is unique. So if the sockets in your device all have unique names (a good thing) then %g will not need to increment because each combination of <socket name>+ number is unique. If you want a number that increments each time the tag is used then you should use the %u tag.


Hope I've answered the question. Let me know if I have missed something.





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