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Shift or option modifier keys

David Poiron

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I am trying to direct a script to bring up a different dialog box depending on if the shift or option keys are pressed when the command is invoked. I've tried to use KeyDown but am not clear how it works. There is a Shift and Option function as well but the results are not as expected. I am trying to do this with an IF/THEN statement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Using 2022 for this.

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This is the code snippet


			CreateDialog1 {full access}
			CreateDialog2; {partial access}

 It does not seem to work - it just goes to CreateDialog2. I've tried Command and Option instead of Shift as well - not working. Is this required to be in a while..do statement to work?

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Mine is very similar effectively becoming


If COMMAND then  Dialog Box;


With no else.


The Vectorscript manual says this about SHIFT (and also Command and Option) 


Shift returns TRUE if the Shift key was depressed during the last user event. This function operates with the MouseDown, KeyDown, AutoKey, GetPt, GetPtL, GetLine, and GetRect calls.


So you might need to include an Autokey or KeyDown ahead of your SHIFT to make sure it is set properly.

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