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Inserting accessory creates duplicate legend



When I add an accessory to a lighting instrument in Vectorworks 2021 Spotlight it creates a second legend that matches the lighting instrument.  If I try to change the accessory legend to a different legend Vectorworks changes the legend on the lighting instrument to the new legend.  I cannot use two different legends for the light and the accessory.  I am using Vectorworks 2021 SP4.1 (Build 610975) and a MacBook Pro running OS 11.6.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Make sure you select the accessory in the "Edit Accessory" field and then set the label legend to none for the accessory.


There appears to be an issue when you select "Edit Accessory" "<All>" The label legend control will work but it will not display the "<None>" choice even when it is selected.

The control works fine when using <All> it just does not display the correct choice in the label legend popup.

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If I change the accessory to none as you suggest.  Both the accessory and the light change to none.  With past versions of VW I was able to give each device its own legend.  Now it is either they have none or both have the same legend.

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I'm on VW2022 and same behavior. Most annoyingly as I refresh the drawing the extra label legends reappear. There also appears to be a data exchange problem with Lightwright since the accessories don't appear in the accessory column. The fixture type does.


-Ed Hunter

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I have created a test file where this appears to work as expected. I wonder if there problem is older versions of the symbols not interacting well with the new accessory architecture. In my old plots I get double legends as described above. In the test file I do not. However, there is a new problem which is that the lighting clamp appears in the accessory column in Lightwright. If that's the default it will be incredibly annoying.




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