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Standards folder, Standards Naming, Ect...

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I'm in the process of migrating from Revit.


Currently I'm trying to figure out class naming standards and so forth.


I've found the standards sub folder within the VectorWorks program folders and libraries using the Windows file browser. However, when I go to my resource browser and look for the standards folder there, no luck. ?? 


using the windows file browser I've opened up the ClassNameStds.sta folder and am able to peruse it's contents. I think I want to create another column for my own standard. Or maybe copy this file and just change the lineweights and colors.


What exactly is an *.STA file, how is a new one made, and how does it get connected with the "Standard Naming" command? What's going on under the hood?



Rudy Beuc



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25 minutes ago, rudybeuc@gmail.com said:

What exactly is an *.STA file



I think *.sta stands just for "Standard".

Like for your File Templates.

I think every Resource or most Settings Files are basically just VWX Files,

with another naming. If you open them in VW and try to edit and save they

will by default save as VWX again. So that you don't accidentally overwrite

or corrupt something.

Instead, like if you open and edit one of your Template.sta, when saving you

need to explicitly switch to save as *.STA to really save it as a Template again.



About Standard Naming,

I also tried to edit that dialog - without much success as it is so (general VW)

user unfriendly.

I would imagine a list with a Column for what

- Tool/PIO does auto Classing/Naming

- What Names it chooses

and like lokaliszation of Terms,

- what Name I would prefer instead


Similar to we can now just select an own  custom Class for Dimensions,

in VW 2022 ....


But just all in one place or (human readable) dialog.

And not just as a File Preference but as a User or better Workgroup Preference

according to own Office Standards ...

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On 9/17/2021 at 11:52 AM, Pat Stanford said:

I think .sta stands for Stationary, i.e. a template file that is used to create an unnamed file but does not get changed itself.


Ok messing with this and trying to create my own Named standards for classes and layers.


And I'm doing this in a worksheet environment now. What is the vectorworks "Pen Color" number for black? 257? 



Rudy Beuc

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What are you trying to do with Pen Color?  A long time ago (perhaps Minicad 7 or 8 ) the PenColor Vectorscript command was modified to not use a single 8 bit identifier but rather to use three 8-bit values for Red/Green/Blue giving 24-bit color capabilities. I am not positive it ever got changed everywhere, but you probably can not identify a color with a single 8-bit number.

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Open up the named standards sta file. it opens up as a worksheet and the pen colors appear as a number.


I'm trying to create template files for my office. I'm migrating from Revit and trying to get a handle on VW customization and workflows.



Rudy Beuc

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