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Adjusting the Top/bottom of the "Soft Goods" tool


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Our company has a project that has a horizontal seam option be placed in the drape. We are making an attempt to have minimal seams in the shootable area by having the seam out of the frame.


Key Notes:


  • Lowering the Green screen to accommodate the seam isn't an option.
  • "Drape over the Cyc" wall was attempted but it wasn't quite right
  • By using a combination of Nurbs curves & loft surface [Birail mode] I was able to rough in something that I would like the "soft goods" tool to do but I couldn't figure out how to put a "subtle" line in the surface


While the creation of the drape technically is possible I've noticed 2 isssues with attempting to render:


1. The "soft Goods" tool does not have an option to create a horizontal seam


2. The "Soft Goods" tool does not allow for independent top and bottom angle adjustments. 

  • When adjusting the vertex points either top or bottom it adjusts the entire element ; This does not work when attempting to Drape along on a angle. 



Anyone have something to answer this? 






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