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Open GL Not Drawing Lines in Viewports



This has been driving me nuts and I usually just redraw lines in the viewport when this happens. But there must be a better way!!





Open GL:



It's also inconsistent, if I switch between Open GL and Wireframe different lines disappear, here it is after a re-try:




Sheet layer is 300DPI.


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@Dave Donley

I think the preformatted rendering styles (shaded, hidden lines, ...) a good, but they are restricitve.


I think the rendering styles should be much more customizable for us users.

Lets say we have the styles VW brings with it + we can set ans save/load our own styles.


The own styles should show or hide things in terms of:


yes  = is permanently shown with this style

no = is not shown with this style


- shadow yes/no

- lines yes/no 

- hidden lines yes/no

- settings for hidden lines (color, thickness, linestyle, ...) 

- face colors yes/no (no means all ist grey or white)

- line color yes/no (no means all is black)

- patterns yes/no

- materials yes/no

- hatchings yes/no

- endpoints yes/no (you can easily check the complexitiy of a geometry)

- cutline color

- transparency yes/no

- sketch styles + settings yes/no

- line color by axis (all line in z-direction = blue, lines in x-direction = red, ...)

  you can easily check if you are draw parallel to the current axis.


… theres so much more to control with a style system, if we think a little deeper.

… such a system is flexible and flexibility is always welcome!


I compare VW with Sketchup. In Sketchup i can save my own style and i love this system.

Here are some screenshot of (the german version of) Sketchup, to show, how they serve us:


If you guy at VW have access to Sketchup: try it out and bring it into discussion!

Or look how Rhino operates!

We need a overhauled system in VW, please! 









I think such a system is be worth to invest time and money!


This year, i wrote a long and detailed wishlist to this topic to the german distributer Computerworks,

hope they send it to you to the US homebase!




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1 hour ago, Tobias Kern said:

Lets say we have the styles VW brings with it + we can set ans save/load our own styles.



Not sure if I really got the question right,

but you can create and save your own (RW) Renderstyles.


Basically I never use one of VW delivered Render Styles.

I have mainly 2-3 Custom Styles.

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Hi Zoom,




I don't mean the Renderworks Renderstyles.


I mean the regular predefined styles like "Shaded" (new in VW 2022, as successor to OpenGL),

and …

… let see this screenshot (german version):




These styles are predefined.


I want to have a system to define my own styles with settings as i mentioned in the list above. 



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@Dave DonleyI do not have any crop on any of these viewports. The work around here is to ADD a crop that is bigger than your viewport. Then the lines appear. It would seem to me that the auto viewport (no crop) should take this into account and draw all the lines within a viewport (including edge pixels). 


Dave can you separate this post between Tobias' request (which I agree with!) and the actual bug I've reported here? I don't know why they are both in this post! 

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