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VW 2022

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Ah , I get it now - Polygon  Inner Boundary Fill doesn't work like you describe but simply draw a line  across the face of a solid object, from edge to edge and you can pull / push either side of that line without needing to Fill. Much like Sketchup I'd say without the dots. Interestingly it only seems to be possible immediately after the line is drawn, you can't come back to it later and pick up one side of the face.

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1 hour ago, bcd said:

Interestingly it only seems to be possible immediately after the line is drawn, you can't come back to it later and pick up one side of the face.

 You can do any time with the third mode of the Push/Pull tool (though some selecting is involved first).


This mode actually predates the ability to do it immediately upon creation of the line.

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I've managed to install the trail. Can’t seem to be able to paint only a part of a face by splitting it with a line. As you can see in the first image, the complete face light up with the selection tool. Of course I can use the third mode of the push-pull tool to push the face outward (second image). But this is not how buildings are made, most of time brick details are all in the same plane. Would be great if it works more like Sketchup, there a face gets split when drawing a line so you can paint both of the resulting faces individual. 


For now I will push pull outward 1mm. @bcd @Andy Broomell If you've got any tips I would like to know 🙂



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HI Sarah,


greetings and thxn for your investigation.


Can i get an extra calculation only for the wrappings, separate to the wall-surface/volume?


If i have to calculate here in Germany, i need to separate the surface/volume/length of the wrappings,

because the cost are there much higher, because of its higher build complexity, as the rest of the wall.


So i think, wrappings should have their own formulas!


I think it is more useful to have also separate formulas for walls

Wall-surface with and without wrappings

Wall-volume with and without wrappings  


Hope the VW-Team, had this in mind, as they develop the wrapping functionality!?

If not, please give us such formulas for VW 2023!


Formulas for wrapping calculation:

- length, width, area, volume, thickness of wrappings,

- material of wrappings 

- separate formulas for top, left, right, bottom wrappings

- location of the wrappings: inside or outside



so that i can calculate:

- bottom outside wrapping only length

- top + left + right inside wrapping as area

and so on …


Calculations so flexible as possible!

… and not only for wrappings, also for the rest of the BIM-tools




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