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Irregular walls

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The Building I'm trying to recreate on my computer is from the early 19th century. It's a mill with a roof area that is equivilant to a loft. I made the roof look the way I want it to look (slope going up on only two sides), but I noticed the other two sides of the roof show up as gray roof sides that are at a 90 degree slope. These are supposed to be brick walls rather than a roof-like side.

I guess I'll ask it this way:

First, how do you break up a roof object into individual roof faces so for example, I can get rid of these unneeded roof faces?

Second, how can I create a wall that has a constantly changing height? the wall would basically be in the shape of a vertical triangle, or an even more irregular shape (but still triangle based)

Third (unrelated), how can move the perspective thing to cover a different angle? whenever I turn on perspective, I always end up inside the building, in the same spot, without any real idea how in the world to change the location of it.

Fourth, lighting... how can I put interior lighting so when I do look at interior perspectives it's not dark?

Thanks, sorry for seeming like such a noobie with VW. I thought I had some of this down, but i guess not...haha...once I think of one question to ask, about 5 more pop up in my head. [Embarrassed]

Another sort of side question: how could I actually go about with the design of a loft? this roofing design is not exactly anything that's commonly used...

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1) You can ungroup the roof and will become a bunch of roff faces. (You could also use the roof face tool in the first place)

2) If you have version 11 you can use the "fit walls to roof" command. If you are on 10 or earlier you will have to use the 3d reshape tool and drag the top of your wall to where you want it.

3) Try the "set 3d view" tool, with which you pull a line from where you are toward what you are viewing, then set the height and perspective.

4) I'm not reall the best one to ask about this. Maybe someone else will chime in.

Have fun

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As explained in the VW ARCH MANUAL, PAGE 5-11: Select the wall you want to modify, go to menu item AEC>FIT WALLS TO ROOF, a dialog will come up that allows you to choose whether you want to fit the wall to geometry above (or below) and to choose the layer on which that geometry resides.


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