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board formed concrete renderworks texture?

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I've been looking through the stock Arroway concrete textures in the Resource Manager and haven't seen any board formed renderworks textures.

I found some grooved, and 'Fairfaced" (not a term I'm familiar with).

Perhaps boardformed is not the term use outside of the US?



I have made my own with Arroway concrete 038 and 044 (from texture pack one) - but was wondering if VW (or anyone here) had a good board formed concrete resources.


Also, I'm fairly new at vectorwork, having moved here from MAYA.

I'm plugging  arroway "B" into bump, "D" = color --- do you plug the "s" textures into the reflective?



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39 minutes ago, hollister design Studio said:

@jeff prince that was actually helpful.

The 'shuttering' 044 uses the same arroway textures that I have in my arroway texture pack and that I used in my custom board form textures.

So I was able to see the levels for bump strength and confirm that the specularity map does go into the reflectivity box.


As usual, thanks Jeff!


No problem.  There is so much stuff in the library with different naming conventions, it can be challenging to find things sometimes.

Bump/Displacement can really be hit and miss with these photo based textures.  I find that most libraries just take the photo and turn it to a greyscale to make the bump map.  That can lead to some undesired results if you are actually going to go to the trouble of rendering displacement.  One strategy I use is to open a texture's color image with a photo editor (I like Affinity Photo these days).  I then create different layers for the joints, voids, and protrusions in the concrete to allow me control over them, usually doing some levels adjustments and throwing in some blur to create a better displacement map.  This can then be used for both displacement and reflectivity while the original color image can be used for that purpose.  The result is usually better, but really hard to justify in editing and rendering.


FWI, I find stock libraries of concrete, stone, and glass tile mosaic to be the worst offenders in regards to displacement and reflectivity maps.  Fortunately, I don't have to go beyond OpenGL most of the time, so just the image for a texture works in my case.  That being said, I just threw this one together to see if I could coax a little shadow off a displacement map for the joints and some surface roughness.  I'm sticking with OpenGL 😉






This got me to remember a thread from last year with similar needs....



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14 hours ago, jeff prince said:

. I find that most libraries just take the photo and turn it to a greyscale to make the bump map...

That's one of the nice things about Arroway, they have actual diffuse, bump, and specularity maps for every texture.


My go to bump map trick is the Photoshop High Pass filter set to around 2.5 pixel radius - really produces nice bump maps!

Back when I was creating photorealist material in MAYA I spent hours creating all my maps - now that I've moved over to landscape design that's one of the things I truly don't miss!

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