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Notes Database Bug

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I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this or if it's one of those known issues.


If you have two (or possibly more) notes in a database that have the same note description and you have a keynote legend, or general notes object, and you want to change one of the notes. The legend, or general notes object will only allow you to select one of the notes from the Database. It will show two objects with the same description but they will both have the same note text. For some reason it thinks they are the same note.


If you change the note description of one of the notes via the notes manager then the legend or general notes object can then "see" both of the notes and you can select either.


I often want my notes to have the same description as they are standard notes. e.g. I have two notes for "Trim"


One is:

"Trim" (Note description)    "Refer details." (Note Text)


The other is:

"Trim" (Note description)   "40x10 FJ pine." (Note Text)


The keynote legends or General Notes objects will only let me insert the first one. Individual callouts/keynotes will allow me to select either.

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If you know where your database file is (It will either be an .xml file or a .txt file) you might be able to edit the description of one of the notes.  (Quit VW first 🙂).


Otherwise, have you tried deleting the trim note and recreating it with a different description?  That might also do it.

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.html?? yikes. xml!
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Thanks Michael. I can edit the note description via the notes manager. The thing is I shouldn’t have to do that. 

I’m not having much fun with the notes tools today. I spent much of my day waiting for vw ti process some simple changes to notes in keynote legends…

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