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Engage Multiple Window Symbols with a Wall



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never used Windows by Symbols in Walls.


But recently tried Symbols in outer Walls.

Tried to fake my Facade Panels in the outer most Wall Component,

just horizontal Fugues.

But this wasn't reliable at all. Just reconnecting Walls either threw

the Symbols out of the Wall or made them change the Walls side and

all such things.


I hope Windows as Symbols in Wall work more reliable.

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In a pure 2D workflow, 2D symbols are great, and very efficient.  Set doors or windows them to break the wall, with or without 'caps', or simply associate them to a wall without a break, e.g. furniture or studs.


Have to be careful about flipping them though.


When you want to move to a 3D workflow, simply add a 3D object, or a Door or Window component, or if it's simple massing, leave them as 2D.  They disappear when in a 3D view leaving a massing model, with no openings.  Great for early stages.


This is what I find really great about Vectorworks.  The move from 2D to 3D is incredibly easy.

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If symbols are jumping out of walls, check how far you are from the internal origin.  If like in the UK, you are not aware that a, you have a user origin, or b, are working a long way from the internal origin in 'OS' coordinates, symbols will jump out of walls.  It's a 'BIM' thing.

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I am always around internal origin by purpose.


I am having too many Walls though to make it parametric enough for expected Panel changes.

Good to see that I was able to adjust my Symbols Z height for each "Story" (just Layer heights)


I had one outer Facade Walls applied with the Symbol.

Adjusting Symbols to Wall's length in X threw out half of the Symbols in Walls without any visible hint,

beside in 3D View. Had the ambition to assign the Symbol to all 4 outer Wall Facades.

Had to repair outer Walls connections and every Symbols in Walls where gone.


I will go back to just creating Symbols for Panels and spreading them in Arrays over the Facades.

(Last time, an Extrude for each Facade, containing multiple Rectangles for all Panels, seemed

promising and keeping all 2D comfort for changes - but at the end was not reliable at all after

a few edits too though)


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Yes, that is what I will do now.


A german forum member proposed the (mis)use of the Curtain Wall Tool.

Could work too, for smaller to standard building sizes.

But also means (Curtain) Walls touching other Walls and maybe risk of

screwing up Wall Connections.



I would like to use a single standard panel Symbol 1x1x1 m.

Because it is easy und legible to scale to the needed size.


But I am afraid of using Scaled Symbols for DWG, C4D, FBX; Datasmith, ... Exports.

At least I often had problems in VW, with imported scaled DWG Blocks in the past.


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