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Wacom Express Key Remote

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Same here.

The Touch Ring is just a terrible substitute for VW Zoom.

I usually put my old Space Navigator on the large bezel

of my Ciniq.

But still just a workaround.


Setting Pen Button 2 to that drag/zoom functions does

work for me in other Apps (like Bricscad) but not in VW.

I think there are situations where I would miss the

middle mouse button in VW on Button 2 though.


What I would like would be a key combination that would allow

VW's Zoom about Cursor center by dragging with left mouse button,

like other Apps do.


Also there is no problem to Zoom, Pan and Rotate - without a scroll wheel -

in any of my 3D Apps. C4D, Modo, Blender, all offer key combinations

for all view Navigation with either left mouse button only or combinations

of all 3 mouse buttons.

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Hmh, no, for me it does.


It is just no fun to use.

Not as completely unreliable like that touch sensor stripe my 90ies telephone

had at that time, to scroll through saved numbers.

But your finger tip does not really glide on the touch ring surface and I did not

find any reasonable speed setting that would allow for comfortable and

reliable scrolling.



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