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Model unexpectedly clipping / disappearing.

Steve White


Hello All. 

The model I am working on has suddenly started to 'clip'. As though clip cube is present except it is not turned on. The model is effectively unusable in this condition. I am unable to zoom in any closer than shown as it disappears. Has any one experienced this? Have I unknowingly clicked a setting?  The image attached shows the model clipped through the ground plane and adjacent buildings at an oblique angle. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 



Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 17.26.41.png

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It is far away from the origin because it's drawn to OSBM - standard procedure in the UK. I've been working on it for a couple of days and it started doing this a couple of hours ago. 

There are no files referenced. 

Can an alternative temp origin be set up? similar to alternative UCS in Acad or ACS coordinate point in microstation? 

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I think yes.

But I am not experienced with geolocated data in VW.

But I have seen some documentation on how to add georeferences,

especially on the german forum's HowTo's.


Generally there is the internal VW origin AND there is an additional

user origin.


AFAIK georeferencing needs to care about user origin too.


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Hi @Steve White


Zoomer is correct. If I may add to his contribution: 

  • To make processing easier, less error-prone and faster on your computer, your model should be centred over the Internal Origin. (Use: Tools > Origin > Locate Internal Origin (etc)). Before moving your model, be certain you're aware or and understand what implications there may be if your Design Layer or whole document is set up for georeferencing. 
  • Even when a drawing/model is centred around the Internal Origin, if one or more objects are far enough away from the Internal Origin, the same problems will occur. 
  • If you need a guide on locating stray / far out objects, see this post: 


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