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Layers and Error Messages v11

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I keep getting a message when I attempt to add layers or classes to a file via setup which has had layers and classes previously setup under v10.5.

It reads:

" The layermap.G worksheet contains more layers than the LayerNameStds worksheet. The names of these layers cannot be changed using Standard Naming unless they are added to LayerName Stds.

Do you want to continue? no Yes"

My questions include: -

- Where is LayerMap.G? - It doesn't appear in the worksheets or other resources.

- Is there really a way to add layer (& class) names to LayerName Stds? IF so how?

- How do I get side by side copies of the "LayerMap.G" and LayerName Stds to compare so I know what is necessary to change?

The other message which has popped up states something to the effect that the layer limit has been reached and some layer will not appear in the layer list.

Is there a real limit to the number of layers? The file in question has approximately 40 design layers and 28-30 of the new "Sheet" layers.

The above two things have now occurred in at least three different files - two files previously started in v10.5 and one started in v11.

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Hi bclydeb,

The LayerMap.G message you are getting is because a new layer, Sheet-DTMData, was added to LayerMap for VWA 10. So for a drawing created in VW 9 that used the setup commands, you will receive this message because the LayerNameStds worksheet in the drawing will not contain the layer, Sheet-DTMData. You should not be getting this message for a drawing that was created in VW 10.5 or later, unless the drawing was using a non-standard LayerMap.G.

The LayerMap.G worksheet is in the file: Plug-ins\Common\Data\VA Setup Data.mcd or VA Setup Data-Metric.mcd. The VW 11 on-line help contains a description of LayerMap.G under Architect>Standards and Resources>Layer, Class & Viewport Standards>Using the LayerMap Worksheet. This should give you the information you need to compare the layers in LayerMap.G to the layers in LayerNameStds in the drawings in question. This should also give you the information you need to add new layer definitions to LayerMap.G.

As to the limit to the number of layers, I have created test files with in excess of 1000 layers so your drawing with 70 layers should be no problem. This should be directed to tech support.

Tom Urie

Nemetschek North America

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