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hide unused sockets

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Is there a possibility, script or otherwise, to hide all unused sockets inside the devices of a schematic? That would prevent a confusion that has just been painfully experienced and of course also significantly increase the overview. The size of the devices must of course remain unchanged so that connections can be displayed again manually if necessary.


Thank you!

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Very interesting...

I was curious about this too. Is there no easy way of determining if a socket has an 'active' connection? (I don't know what that means in reality) ... I'm still very new to VW and scripting for me is very basic, using the custom selection tool, creating a script and then apply the changes to the selected objects! So if it could be done this way I would be ok I guess.


A possible next step on this journey could be resizing the outline of the device so that it only contains the last 'visible'/'active' socket reducing the clutter of unused sockets. A 64x64 matrix with only half of the i/o used for example.


Love ConnectCAD, it can only get better.







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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Thomas K.


Hiding stuff on design layers like this may introduce a gotcha. Say you hid unused sockets and then life being what it is you got dragged away to some other task and a few weeks later you come back to it. What are the chances that you'll forget that you hid those sockets? And if that happens an you need one of them and go create the same socket in name - then Check Drawing will fail mysteriously until the penny finally drops.


Perhaps the best approach would be for use to provide a somewhat hidden connection count parameter for sockets that could be used in a script to change the class as Niko suggests or allow you to delete unused sockets?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
On 9/10/2021 at 10:20 AM, Thomas K. said:

That would prevent a confusion that has just been painfully experienced and of course also significantly increase the overview.

Hi @Thomas K.,


What I still haven't really understood here is the "why" of this request. What happened? What was the source of the confusion? I feel like we've jumped straight to a possible solution without including me in understanding the problem. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello all,


In VW 2022 SP2 we have added an extra parameter in the Socket - Connections Count, which is updated automatically. This parameter can be used in worksheet reports as well as in data visualization to create new data viz that shows only the connected sockets.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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