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Object by Criteria Node Issues

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Hoping someone can help. 


I've made a network that functions as it should in a blank template, but when I insert it into my "day to day work template" it seems to break. The network draws a custom sized netball court from the length and width of a selected rectangle, very useful for me at least. 


I think the route of the problem is the Object by Criteria Node that indicates 1 when in the blank template and 2 when in the "day to day work template"


I would attach the network but I would prefer not to. 


Any Ideas? Thank you for your help! 


day to day work template.png

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Hi @George Lewis,

welcome to the forum!


From the two screenshots alone I doubt very much even the most veteran Marionette users will be able to extract what's going on or rather what's going wrong.

Now, I can understand, that you don't want to share the entire network, but that might not be necessary.


Please try and reduce the network to the point where you cannot reproduce the error anymore and then go one step back. That would solve two problems at once:

1) You don't share the whole network. But please do share your findings.

2) You can then most likely already see where the problem lies, which may or may not be Objs By Crit.


Kind regards,


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