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Plug-in objects flicker on reset.


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Hello, when I reset one of our plug -in objects in Vectorworks, it flickers (it hides and reappears shortly after).

For the best UX, I prefer that the user only sees the result after the recalculate, but right now seems to render opengl frames during the reset, wich looks like flickering to the user, it makes the program looks glitchy.

In VW2015 we didn't had this problem.

Is there a setting somewhere, where we can control this?

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This problem occurs with all of plug-ins, Vectorworks plug-ins as well as custom plugins.

Our custom objects trigger sometimes eachothers reset, and there it gets quite ugly.


I Just tried refreshing a tall spiral staircase (with enough complexity to slow the program down), On refresh in opengl the object dissapears and reappears in exactly the same fashion as our plug-in objects. In VW2015 I doesn't behave that way, that's problably the easiest way to describe this bug in a way that you can reproduce yourself.


So Apparently this is not a SDK problem, sorry, wrong subforum.

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