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Vectorworks 11 keeps crashing

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Since upgrading to VW11 (architect+renderworks) I find that the application regularly 'unexpectedly quits' on me - Which is very annoying. It does not do this with any other applications I use.

I have a 1.5 ghz,G4 Powerbook (with 1gig of memory and 128mb graphics card).

It seems to crash the most when modifying objects with open GL rendering turned on...

Any ideas?

Jason Curtis.

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You need to run Disk Utility to verify and fix disk permissions to resolve the issue.

When you run this, make sure no other programs are running.

The utlity is located in the Applications:Utility folder.

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I will agree. I have had crashes along with some other problems already mentioned here on this tech board. I cant remember any problems with VWA 10 or 10.5

It makes our jobs at times more trouble than it should be. Clients dont understand or dont care to hear about software problems when they want construction documents.

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If you are crashing, please email the details of your OS version, the product you are using, and the types of things you are doing when you are crashing. You shouldn't be crashing more than VW 9, nor should you be crashing often.

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I am running OS X Version 10.3.4.

It will always crash if I try to add more than 3 vertical panels within the stile/rail settings from within the object menu - Whilst in 3d view with open GL turned on.

There are other situations where it crashes for no apparent reason though.

I do not have 2d acceleration or Vector Caching turned on.....Should I turn it on?

Thank you.

Jason Curtis.

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I have been told by my Mac guru that verify disk permissions is for programers only. And if you read the notes just above the verify and repair disk permissions in disk utilities it says that you cannot repair the start up disk. So you must boot from the install CD. And under the apple menu there is disk utilities from which you "repair permissions". So if you do this there cannot be other apps running.

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Verifying and repairing disk permissions is for all users of OS 10. Not only does the Apple knowledge base recommend this, but many other mac support websites and magazines suggest running it whenever new software is updated. It's also a utility used to keep permissions in line. It's easy for the permissions to get out of control under OS 10, even without installing new software.

[ 06-11-2004, 08:56 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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It's still crashing...

Now I cannot get Artistic Renderworks to work at all without crashing.

I now have another problem;

After creating a 'model view' in a separate layer and viewing the 10 or so combined layers I have drawn, there appears to be a problem with consistency in the layer 'stack'.

For example - Sometimes the roof layer will be in the correct position as stated in it's 'layer Z' value and sometimes it will not. Also, if I then try to change it's height (z) within the layers it will not 'always' move. The only way to get it to move is to delete the model view and create a new one - Although this only works 50% of the time.

This is very frustrating as there does not appear to be any 'constant'. Eg/ If I create a model view with only 2 layers (including the roof) it will be in the right place...? Then if I include all the layers it will not.

What am I doing wrong?

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Can you email the file that is crashing and the one showing this problem to me, please?

Please include a detailed description of the problem and a link to this message board post in the body of the email.

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I, too, have had problems with VW11 crashing in Mac OS10.2.8. I run Disk Utilities once a week along with Disk Warrior and Norton Disk Doctor. VW9 was a big problem with crashes, VW10 seemed to be very stable, but VW11 seems to crash repeatedly. I save every 5 minutes, but it is very annoying to have VW11 crash so often. I can email a file in, but my files are rather large and even stuffing them would leave a rather large file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB, Architect

Combs & Combs, AIA, Architecture, Interiors & Art

G4 500mhz Dual Processor

1.5gb RAM

Mac OS 10.2.8

VectorWorks 11

Dual Monitors-19? & 21?

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