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Fasteners library/plug-in for Fundamentals?

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Work bought me Fundamentals recently (I was previously STILL using VW9 and being perfectly happy as it does exactly what I need it to do).

The only object library I've ever needed is the one that makes bolts and nuts and washers, which Fundamentals does not seem to have?

I have searched and searched and can't find anything.

Is there somewhere to get one for this version?

Or a plug-in or something?

If it's there and I'm just not seeing it, some instructions on how to install/activate the appropriate file would be helpful.


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I can't speak to the plug-ins issued in each version of the software package, but one possible work around would be to use the v.9 software and create a symbol library of "exploded" fasteners.  that you can use in the current version.  Obviously, they would be a little less convenient to use, but if you set them to import as "groups" then you could pretty easily adjust the length of the bolt shank, etc. to meet your needs.

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