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A little help? My general Notes have a magenta fill....


My general notes as made by the general Notes tool have a magenta fill color.

When selected I have them set to "class Style" for fill and class color for color.

They are on my 00-NOTES class which has a solid white fill set to use at creation.


Even if I set the fill to  'solid' and and the color to white (or anything other than magenta) the general note stays magenta.


If I change the class to any other class it displays correctly with class styles - Is there something wrong with my class?


Where is the setting I'm missing?


Screen grab with note selected - attributes, note, 'object info' and 'edit class' open


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That’s weird.


You could try creating a new class from scratch in another file with the exact same name. Then import that class into your file. The old class will be deleted but all objects on it will transfer to the new class. All vp and saved view visibility settings for the old class will also transfer to the new class.


You need to import the class via the “new class” dialogue.

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@jeff prince

It does have something to do with the text style.

  • If I uncheck the "use a creation" box in the class edit menu the text is not magenta.
  • If I keep it checked but change the style, for some styles it's magenta and for some it's not.
  • I created a new text style and it turned the general notes magenta.


Seems to be only with the General Notes Tool.

Using the Text Tool with "HDS - NOTE"  style does not make text magenta.

It does flash the Text Tool cursor magenta ONCE when I click on an area to type, but then it types normal black text on clear/none.


Question: Where is the background color setting for text styles?




@Boh I did import a new 00-NOTE class from a blank new doc (my template file had the magenta class/test style).

Seemed to work at first, but if I changed the text style to HDS - NOTE is went back to magenta - so not the Class but coming from the text style.

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