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Excluding Interior Walls from Wall Schedule

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I want to separate the interior and exterior walls in my file into two separate wall schedules. All the exterior walls have "Exterior" checked in the wall style (see attached screenshot) and that data, I think, is Pset_WallCommon - IsExternal=True.


Can I set the database header to exclude or include all items with Pset_WallCommon - IsExternal=True? 

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 11.06.55 AM.png

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In the report, limit the selection by searching for a specific class or classes, and for all 'walls'.


If you use Uniclass 2015 this is a bit frustrating since EF_25_10 will point to all 'Walls', so you will need to create an additional class for internal wall versus internal walls, e.g.






Of course, if you have you own class standards, then the world is your proverbial bi-valve mollusc.

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I ended up adding a 0" thick material called EXTERIOR WALL to all exterior walls and edited the schedule criteria to only include walls where the EXTERIOR WALL material was present. It worked well and I didn't need to change any of my naming or class criteria. 

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12 hours ago, Hans-Olav said:

I usually limit to wall style, wallstyle starting with interior*, wallstyle starting with exterior*, 


Tricky if you name walls in accordance with BS8541 or the forthcominig ISO.  The bit that you need to search by is never at the start.  Can you search by 'contains'?

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