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I am currently working on a small issue set that will not include all of our sheets. The only option there is currently in the issue data (in the title block manager) is to add the issue set to all the sheets or only 1. I do not have an option where I can just add an issue to my selection of sheets (like the revision data in the title block manager has). 


My only way to make it happen right now is to apply my revision set to all the sheets and then delete one by one the issue on all the not used sheets. The contrary does not work because it will consider each issue I do for each page as a different one ( even if they have the same name)




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I guess that the issue when added to multiple sheets (see attached screen shot) will go to all the activated title block of the set.


I guess that having an option where we could see a list of all the sheet and quickly select which one is activated or not could be a solution... Does that exist?  


image.png.ad03aadbc9e70cfd938f5bc0258ef8d3.png to be applied to goes to all the active sheet 

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Love that you PS'ed this to explain. 


I totally agree btw. Such odd positioning. 


Can anyone help me with the Project Revision History worksheet please. The order of the sheets is very odd and I cant find a way to reorder them??


See attached to see the current order on the work sheet and the order in Sheet Selection. 


Bizarrely the GA plans have reorder correctly while I've been fiddling with it but the sections are still in the wrong order. 


Either Its very glitchy or im missing something. 


There is also very little in the help on this subject which is shame as its quite powerful. 


Also how do I revert to no folder selected once 'Show Files in Folder' has been selected. I think may be causing the problem but no way to change it back. 


Thanks in advance if you can help. 




Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 15.50.38.png

Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 16.01.19.png

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