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Rotate->Flip Horizontal not working as expected with a rotated plan

B Cox



I have some simple 2D polyline objects in my design layer. When i have a rotated plan (90, 270, whatever) AND I am inside of a group. and I go to Rotate->flip horizontal I get unexpected results. My flip horizontal is indeed flipping the object horizontal, but over the world axis rather than the object axis.



I'm running VW 2021 Sp4 on windows 10.

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I'm on vw2012 (but this activity was there in 2004 - Nemetschek is resistant to meaningful change - they have embraced Baroque instead) so much older version but with rotated plans a number of operations fail, for me this includes most/all booleans - I do a saved view of my rotate, goto unrotated view and move on.


All the same VW is the best of the worst.

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