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Gulp - what has been switched on or off?

Gail B


How this has happened I do not know but I would appreciate it if anyone could help please.


I go to draw a simple 100mm x 100mm square and they are coming out at all different sizes and definitely not square! They could be 53 x 81 etc.....


Please help - what has been changed to make this happen. I am on Top/Plan view, 2D plan so I would have expected it to be no problem.

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Hi Benson,


I have input 100 x 100 to place the rectangle.


I never use snap to grid as I always input the dimensions in. I'm confused! Even if I input a line at a certain dimension it doesn't go the right length. It's as if there is a scaling factor at work or the view is not top plan view.


Thank you for replying. 


Confused in the UK....

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@Gail B  Here is some detail for one way it should work:


Assumes floating Data Bar is Hidden, Top Plan view

Engage the Rectangle tool.

Click to start the rectangle.

Hover (but no click) in desired direction, any distance away from the start point

Press Tab - Floating Data Bar opens (or Tab again to activate the X data field)

Enter X dimension - this also activates the X data field

Tab - a red, dashed, vertical extension line appears

Key in Y dimension

Press Return - A red dashed horizontal extension line appears. Intersection with 1 extension represents desired rectangle.

Press Return again (or click anywhere in the drawing area) - The new rectangle appears, dims per data entry. The extension lines vanish.


An additional Tab prior to first Return activates the L field which controls the diagonal.  Depending on next actions (tab or return or click), the rectangle edge lengths may not be confined to the x,y dims.


OK, hope this helps







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Hi anyone who reads this.


Sorry for such a long delay. I'm not getting much chance to using Vectorworks at the moment.


I have attached a quick jpg to show what is happening. After trying to change any kind of setting which relates to views etc I can't seem to rectify this. 


I create one file and the input is OK, no problem at all. If I create an extra brand new file the readout come out all wrong. I have always been able to work between two or three open files before. As I do pattern design I need to do this.


I deleted my old template files and created a new very basic one and the problem outlined is still happening. Even if I use a set VW template the second file does not do a correct readout. I am totally baffled! Even if I copy correct graphics to this new file they can be highlighted as being present but they are invisible. I cannot give them a line or fill. 


Do I only just work one file at a time and keep closing and reloading VW or does anyone have ANY idea what is happening here. I'm using VW2018 and my Mac is operating Catalina, 10.15.7. It's an old lady (Late 2012) so I'm reluctant to upgrade the operating system too much but I'm thinking this is what I must try next if no-one has any idea what I can try.


The image below is doing the same line twice and the readout is different each time! How bizarre.




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I wonder if you may have solved this........ interesting. VW2019 is the first to mention my operating system.


I must admit though I do not know how to "roll back" as yet but it has to be worth looking into finding out. 


I wonder if anyone else has come across this problem - I remember reading a few years ago about people not upgrading and were running very old versions. 


Very interesting food for thought!


Thank you for the link and pointer towards an answer.

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