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Wishlist - Slab Drainage ideas



Add a default toggle to the Slab Drainage 

Currently the slab drainage tool work in a way where the height of the drain is the default.


I am currently working in the parking and this is actually the contrary of what you are supposed to do. The exterior of the slab should be the default height that stays the same and the drain height varies. Would be great to have a button where you could change this variable setting (my formwork guy will be really thankful) 


Being able to change the heights of the slab vertex and the slope of the slab drainage

In the same idea as the previous one, this would improve so much the tool.


Have a class for the slab slope lines

Currently the slab slopes line (where 1 slab slope touches another slab slopes, see attaches image) takes the sames class as the slab. This creates a problems in the concrete outline drawings. It would be great if those lines could have their own class.




Make the drain tag flexible

Currently the drain tag tool has only 1 option/layout. It would be great the the drain tag tool could have an option where we add our custom tag symbols, as the ones for the spaces.


Does anybody have other ideas? 





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