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2022 - NextGen Tech to Keep Your Processes Cutting-edge


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The advantages are difficult to compare Mac to Win.
That said, Direct X and Metal will improve VGM performance on each platform. Continued move to more multi-threaded processing, as with 2022 hidden line, will bring performance gains to each. What is different in 2022 is the gains provided by Apple Silicon. The performance gains from this technology obviously favor the Mac

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4 hours ago, The Hamma said:

With these mew advancements in the VGM will Vectorworks run faster on a Mac than a PC or are the advantages equal?


Just subjective but for me it feels like VW 2022 is much better on M1 Macs

but also more snappy on my AMD PC.

(But have to test and confirm with my hugest and lagging old Projects first)


If I am not wrong,

for the first time, with VW 2022, I can hear my AMD RX 6800 when rotating Models,

a bit like when using Twinmotion. (Coil whine and clicking sounds)

With my 2021 CAD Apps, the RX 6800 was more or less just idling ...


So far, I think supporting 2 separate native GPU Frameworks for both operating systems

was really worth the effort.

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4 hours ago, zoomer said:

(But have to test and confirm with my hugest and lagging old Projects first)



Could be also latest BIOS or AMD GPU Driver Update ...

But I tested and I think VW 2022 really feels faster with native DirectX.

(Did not hear the GPU noise this time though)


Just have problems saving certain Files on my macOS Monterey network

drive ... it works when saving locally on PC. While other Files save well

on my network drive ... 

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