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VW2021-UE 4.27 via Dataprep

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I have been doing some testing with the dataprep feature in UE4.27 and I am running into issues when trying to work with a VW file.

Hoping I can get some guidance as maybe I am missing something. I have also been doing lots of testing with C4D into UE via Dataprep and I can get this to work just as I want.


I export the VW file as an Unreal Datasmith file and I can bring it into UE via dataprep all ok but the issue is the way VW exports the data that makes it very difficult to work with in dataprep.

I have attached a test file I am using that just contains some truss and some extrudes.

In this example, my workflow would be to select the truss and exchange it for my own blueprint truss where I have much better control.


The biggest issue is all truss seems to get assigned a generic name so that makes it difficult to filter it in dataprep. I realise I can use a selection via a selected objects filter but this defeats the point of using dataprep as the VW file will be getting updated through the project and I dont want to keep adding new items to the filter as the drawing grows.

VW also seems to add 3 parent objects to the truss which are all located at 0,0,0 which also means I cant make any use of them either...unless I want my UE objects to all sit at 0,0,0...which I would not want. What are these 3 parent objects in relation to VW and can I get any control over them in VW?


I know Revit allows tags to be added to items and those tags can be used in dataprep but I dont know if VW has something similar as that would potentially solve the issue.


The dataprep feature is a very powerful tool inside UE and it will certainly be a great help when working on bigger projects that evolve over time...so hopefully there is an answer out there to my problems.


Many thanks.






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@Dave Donley

Off the top of my head I would like to be able to select, by the following list, in DataPrep so I can make the changes I need when bringing the VW file into UE.



These two allow me to grab big chunks of objects.


Truss Type/Name/Position

Lighting Instrument Type


You mention plugin objects which is great but with something like the Stage Decks I need to be able to select the exact type of deck I need as the plugin has lots of details that can be changed and I often have several decks in the drawing that contain slightly different settings.


As mentioned in my initial post, I need to get direct access to the objects without them being under several parent objects as I need the actual co-ordinates of the object and not the parents that sit at 0,0,0. 


I am not sure if it is possible for the addition of a tag function that I can easily/quickly add to any object or symbol but that would allow me to get hold of anything I need during the DP import. The examples above are very much from a lighting side of things but I also know that I will need to select many other objects such as windows, walls, etc, etc. and the tag feature might help with that.


Let me know if you need more info.

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I am experiencing similar issues. I spent a lot of time assigning classes to all the elements of my model in Vectorworks (v2021), however I don't seem to be able to select items using the class filter, once they have been imported into Dataprep. I can't seem to use 'Object name' either (the names attributed by dataprep to the individual actors relate partly to the classes I specified, but I type 'wall' and it's not recognised. Even if I type the whole thing in, it is not recognised). Is there a way I should be organising my file, before export, to make editing in Dataprep easier?

Many thanks.

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