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SetTexMapReal Updating Values But Texture Not Changing

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I'm trying to write a script which updates the texture mapping offsets using SetTexMapReal but am having a little trouble... After running the script the OIP correctly shows the new offsets but when you view the object the texture hasn't moved to reflect the new values. Any idea what I am doing wrong?




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21 minutes ago, klinzey said:

Try resetting for forcing the object to redraw after you update the texture map.


Thanks for the suggestion -Any tips on how? I tried the Redraw & RedrawAll commands but the texture still didnt update.

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13 minutes ago, klinzey said:

Try ResetOject()

Nope. didnt work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong in my code...


Procedure SetMapping;

	Procedure SetOffset(h :HANDLE);
Run (SetMapping);


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