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VW 2022

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OK, first VW 2022 Teaser launched 





So Redshift included as expected.

But what I did not expect, if I got that right :


- Redshift minimum requirements on M1 Macs : 16 GB of shared RAM

- Redshift minimum requirements on Windows : Nvidia/Cuda (No AMD support !?)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @zoomer


The Redshift requirements are the same as the ones listed here: https://www.maxon.net/en/requirements/redshift-requirements


M1 requires 16GB because with Unified Memory roughly 1/2 is available for graphics, and Redshift requires at least 8GB VRAM to operate reliably.  Redshift on Windows doesn't support AMD, the only AMD chips supported are recent ones on the Mac.

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Yes, I was on that site at that moment, because Maxon sent a newsletter

(about Redshift being subscription only from now on ...)


Yes, same as mentioned for VW 2022 min requirements.

Currently Nvidia Cuda only on any operating system except macOS.

But Maxon also says that AMD GPU support for Windows/Linux for

Redshift is in development.

(Nvidia only would have been very disappointing for me with my RX 6800,

with 16 GB VRAM, as well as for Lisa Su and AMD 🙂 )


So AMD compatibility just a matter of time.

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Yes, saw this posted earlier today…


ive been contemplating upgrading my hackintosh all day ( 11.3 from 10.15)….but then it’ sounds like Redshift is a seperate app unlike renderworks - so maybe I don’t bother and stick with twinmotion for the amount of 3d vis I have to do as a architect…


would save me having to work out how to move to opencore….

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1 hour ago, neal-2002 said:

so maybe I don’t bother and stick with twinmotion for the amount of 3d vis I have to do as a architect…


Either this,

or just going on using old school CPU Rendering in C4D, which still works great for me.

(Still stuck with my R21 perpetual, since Maxon went Subscription only)

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@zoomer How fast where you? Haha #battleofthefanboys




They talk about 'connection' to redshift. So no integration? Would love some more in depth info. But perhaps that's beside the point of a teaser.


Also the link in the description is not working (https://www.vectorworks.net/2022)


EDIT: also spotted some UI changes. Another attribute palette. Unreal Button, some new buttons in top bar (compared to the architecture version I use)



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29 minutes ago, Devonshire said:

Looking forward to seeing how well VW2022 runs natively on M1. 


It runs - better ...

And it seems to need more reasonable amount of shared memory now.

Similar to what you see on Intel Macs Activity Monitor.

Which for me looks like 2.5-3 times less.

So I can open larger projects and work fluently without much "yellow brown"

memory pressure. Just the all time Graphics Caching kills all fun in larger Projects

when you switch Layer visibilities.

I think that is because M1's 16 GB limit is still a thing.


But for reasonable project sizes, M1 is great and snappy !

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