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Spaces - rounding value


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As a client ask us to round our surface values to x,05 m2  i am wondering if it's possible?

I found how to round values for cotations but not for space areas… it appears that the rounding value selected in the units section doesn't apply to the area values.

Any idea?



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I filed a bug a few months ago where rounding to "the 5" was not working correctly. It could be that is the problem. Here is a portion of the bug report.


The Decimal Rounding Base for Dual Dimensions does work correctly.
With units set to MM, draw a line with a length that is not divisible by 5 and dimension that line. Set the Dimension Standard to ASME Dual Stacked.
In the Unit dialog box, set the Decimal Rounding Base for both Dimensions and Dual Dimensions to 1. Set the Decimal Precision in both locations to 1.
Both the primary and secondary dimension should display the same value which is the length of the drawn line.
Now change the Decimal Rounding Base to 5 on both the Dimensions and Dual Dimensions pane. After this change, both primary and secondary dimensions should be rounded to the nearest 5mm. In my test the Primary is rounded correctly, but the secondary is still rounding to 1mm.



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