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Class visibility of new Lighting Instruments in Saved Views

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I have the option turned on in Spotlight to automatically assign new Lighting Instruments to their own class with a prefix so that I can easily turn them off and on if I need to.  However, it means that when I return to a Saved View before that class existed, I don't see the instruments.  

Is there an option anywhere to make these classes visible in Saved Views (and maybe Viewports) on creation?  I know you can do this when manually creating a new class but I can't figure it out for this setup.  


Running VW2021 SP4.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Katy!


Apologies been busy with Plasa, This video should help.


When you create a class from scratch you can choose which viewports and saved views it should be present in. However when Spotlight creates the class for you, You will need to edit viewports and saved views in the organization dialogue below.

I guess the trick is, is to have every conceivable light and its class in your template file.


This would be an enhancement request which I will make.

I will get to your other problem shortly.


All the best


Tom W

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