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Apple macOS 12 Monterey Compatibility - Feedback


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1 hour ago, zeno said:


Connecting a 27" dell 4k monitor and creating a floating view 


Do you mean graphics performance is affected?

This is something I've been complaining about for some time - I have mostly given up using floating panes because they seem to end up suffering from various graphics problems (eg jittery motion and strange snap behaviour) and become very irritating to use.

This predates VW2022, but maybe it has become worse in 22?

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24 minutes ago, line-weight said:


Do you mean graphics performance is affected?



I don't write software codes but whit a m1max with 64 GB if I can see a drastic performance reduction and with tools like iStat I can control that almost 40% of machine performance are busy.. I can suppose that the issue is somewhere into a code. Something like "don't ask more to the machine but split the original process into x part". But off course I can't confirm because I'm an architect not a software engineer 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
10 minutes ago, Tismacfan. said:

After installing vectorworks 2022 and Monterey 12.1 I notice that sometimes the menu bar is blocked, I can't open any menu anymore, which makes working with Vectorworks impossible. In 2021 this will not be a problem. is this a known bug? How to solve.

Some users are reporting Vectorworks' main menu stops responding, mostly seen on laptops.  Simply closing and reopening the lid, can temporarily correct the issue or going to your computer's System Preferences > Battery and turn off, "automatic graphics switching", then restart the computer.  

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21 hours ago, Wesley Burrows said:

As an update to my earlier post.  I updated to Monterey 12.2 Beta 2 and VW 2022 SP2.1 and it seems to have resolved my problems.   12.1 seems to have some problems.  




I remember your post. You could better describe the problems you were having?

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3 minutes ago, zeno said:


I remember your post. You could better describe the problems you were having?


I was having full on system lock ups and force restarts after periods of time.   Only occured when using VW.    Just regular modeling and stuff.   It would happen several times a day.   After more reading, about some memory leaks in 12.1 particularly when using a "custom cursor".  (which I don't use) but it occured to me VW changes the cursor often to reflect different tools and tool functionality.  So watching the activity monitor over the course of a day it seemed like the ram usage would go up some with each change.    Granted I have 96GB of system ram,  so it's pretty hard to swamp that.   And honestly I never saw VW use anything egregious in the ram department.   So it might have been something else. 


Either way something changed with VW SP2.1,    I no longer had complete system crashes,  but I did experience strange stuck geometry after a while of drafting.   Random symbols from really any layer,  off or otherwise .  They would have a stuck plan view on the screen plane where the pen changed to white,  and the fill to light grey.    They would just appear,  and I couldn't interact with them,  i couldn't figure out the series of events that led up to that happening.  A screenshot example is below.  (those were the tops of some simple chair symbols).   And this is milderer,  other times it was all sorts of random stuff from the venue DWG.  (which was mostly off).     It wasn't all symbols either,  and most of the time it wasn't even all of the SAME symbol.   Super odd.





 Either way,  MacOS 12.1. was No Bueno for me.    MacOS just released the 12.2 Release Candidate,   12.2 has been good to me since the Beta 2 of it.    Props to @Gunther and @Mike Lamb for trying to help me work through this. 



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7 minutes ago, Wesley Burrows said:

And honestly I never saw VW use anything egregious in the ram department.


Because you've probably never tried to merge point clouds in the same file. 🙂
May I ask you what level of virtual memory can you reach? The maximum memory footprint indicated by the apple activity tool.

I ask you because in the tests I did here

 I was unable to do things that I could do with an old imac and several times I thought it was both a vector and maveriks problem

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On 1/17/2022 at 9:10 AM, zoomer said:

Yes, Big Sur Beta driver needed a Firmware Update for my original CADMouse

starting from a certain Beta release (?)

So I think this is also true for official 10.7 driver too.


At that time there was only a flash tool for Windows available, which I did on

my PC. AFAIK there is now also a Mac Tool available. 


Looks like they took down the former FAQ page with the link to the Firmware :



So you should file a support request.


Wired CadMouse is working again. Firmware 1.06 is required to work with 3DxWareMac 10.7.0 (I've tested and confirmed that Firmware 1.06 is compatible with Catalina even though that's not documented anywhere). Support article here:




I still have to unplug the mouse from the monitor with every restart but that's been the case for years.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
6 minutes ago, Tismacfan. said:

ok but it can not be the workflow to every 15 minutes restart Vectorworks

It often happens with Monterey en the M1 chip

@Tismacfan.Can you share a video?  We received a similar report yesterday from a macOS 11.6 user and this may have nothing to do with Monterey, maybe just M1?  

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"Member 40

Posted January 10

I am still on Vectorworks 2019 with latest updates, and I am finding that the screen does not refresh after I make a change, edit, etc.  I have to pan, zoom, etc. in order for the change to be displayed."




I am on OSX 11.6.4  - VW Designer 2019  (Version 24.0.6)  SP6 (Build522773) - MacBook Pro (16-inch 2019 / AMD Radeon)

Searched the VW trouble shooting Forum - The above comment came up. This is my exact problem. 


Posted a similar question on the Forum this last week


OSX & VW / RW say they are up to date. Ran the VW 2019  updater  four times - Each time "Found and repaired 1 file "

Unable to use VW / RW 2019 + New MacBook Pro with this issue.


In reading the many postings above -

     I Turned the Battery / Automatic Graphic Switching Off (No Change)

          No Second Monitor

               No external mouse


¿ You have commented that you should delete the USER FOLDER - Where is this User Folder ?


I am able to post a MOVIE of the issue


Dead in the Water - Peter

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FYI....I did update my MBP to the most recent version of Monterey and using the most recent version of 2022. As others have experienced, VW Main Menu is not accessible....unresponsive to my cursor. After reading through the forum posts, I can resolve this by closing my laptop, opening it and signing in again. 😞 Hoping this gets resolved soon in an update.

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1 hour ago, Steven Kenzer said:

I also had turned off "Automatic Graphics Switching in Preferences/Battery.


As someone who just updated to Bug Sir yesterday, I noticed that there are now 2 checkboxes for Automatic Graphics Switching:

  • Battery
  • Power adapter

There used to just be one checkbox for both (verified in Catalina just now).


Also, I just caught it checking itself again. I think if you reset NVRAM (FKA PRAM), it will default to checking itself. It's very persistent (probably from all the courage).

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