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polyline with slope

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1.How should I start the script to draw a polyline to work out a slope. The values I enter are the starting height and the slope. I've made one now, but have yet to manually enter the length. So my question is can a script be made where I determine the length by 1 click and based on this length, the infeed height and the slope that my polygon is drawn with the top side under slope



2.Can I find a workflow or tutorial how I can make my own pictograms for my scripts


Thanks for the info

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1. If you make a Line type Plug In Object, you can draw the line and get the two end points and then just do the calculation for the slope. If you really want a script, you can use the GetLine or GetPtLine procedures to get the line and then do the calculation for your sloped surface form there.


2. Look in the VW Help and search for "Modifying tool palettes and tool sets"


Ask again if you need more clarification.

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