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Associative Dimensions


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I am playing around with VWA11 and was wondering if it is possible to apply associative dimensions to objects within a viewport?

If not, am I to dimension my drawing in the design layer? I was hoping that associative dimensions applied in the viewport would be updated when changes are made to the design layer. I may be way off base here....anyone?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Right now, dimensions in the annotation list of a viewport are not associative. Generally, it's probably a good idea to dimension in the design layer (associatively, optionally) if your dimensions are going to be shared to more than one drawing or sheet. Drawing-specific dimensions are better done in the viewport annotation list.

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This is an area which the Nemetschek theory of use for v11 may be at variance with what a user is trying to do.

Since associative dimensions may be required for designs which are in flux, then making them in the design layer is best. If you need to hide them in some Sheet views and have them show in others - you can create a new class and draw them in that new Class. Then turn the Class off and on again in the Sheet viewports as required, yet while designing you have the luxury of associative dimensioning of things which might change.

This can produce some interesting useful effects - for instance I have a a project where I have a Site Plan Viewport and on the same sheet have made a couple of detailed views at large scale. By having associated dims in a couple of extra classes on the design layer I can turn on "big picture" dims, for the overall view and then in the "zoomed" views, turn off the overalls and turn on the specific fine detail dimensions. So I can design with flexibility, knowing the dims will change as the Owner makes up their mind - and in the final plots the dimensions will be right where I need them.

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