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Locating a Duplicate Position


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Hi All

I have drawn a new position and and trying to give the Name or 'CIRCLE'. 

However, every time that I input this name into the relevant column it is coming uo as 'CIRCLE-2'.


This is no doubt because I have recreated the position but I cannot seem to locate where this original position is.

Any info to assist would be very much appreciated

thanks in advance


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Vectorworks uses something of a global naming scheme.  Symbols, classes, viewports, lighting positions, anything that can be named all share the same pool.  What I'm guessing is happening is that you have a symbol named "Circle" as one of your label legend containers.  If so, you can rename it to "Circle Symbol", which will open up Circle as a possible name for your position.  It can get really frustrating in Vectorworks to track down naming conflicts, as the conflict might not exist on the drawing itself, being a class name or a symbol definition, so even running a Tools - Selection - Custom Selection with the criteria set to look for any Object whose Name equals Circle might not turn anything up.  I've gotten very strict with my naming within my own drawings, anytime I make a symbol, I make sure to include "Symbol" at the end when I name it.

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Good explanation by @Jesse Cogswell.


The namespace is large and limited. Layers have a separate namespace, but all objects, PIOs, and classes share the same namespace. That means you can not use the same name for an object as for a class or PIO.  If you start a blank drawing and make a class named Door, you won't be able to add a Door Object into the drawing. Likewise, if you have. Door Object in the drawing, you will not be able to make a Class names Door.


Since Circle is a type of object, once you have one in the drawing, you will not be able to name an object Circle.  As you saw, Circle-1 works as would aCircle, ACircle, MyCircle, etc.


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