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I have create a sheet layer for A3 page (420 X 297) size. But am not able to get the exact page size what I have given. The created page size was 465 X 330 ( paper size) and 455 X 315 (printable area) as shown in fig. Could you please help me how can get the exact A3 page( 420 X 297) size for my sheet layer?  1357444448_Screenshot2021-08-23at1_40_55PM.thumb.png.fe8fc4e70efe7aed355cffa120686da4.png



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Even i've encountered this problem, the page size that i've defined in the page setup dialogue box is different from the actually page size the title block size is cropping with the page size (defined as the page setup) but when we export i get this extra space in the pdf away from the tile block.


Anyone here can help us to fix this?



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Create a custom page size, precisely the size you want, but for 'Any Printer' and enter 0mm in the margins.


Then print to 'One Printer Page.


Then make your titlesheets approx. 10m smaller all round for A3 and approx. 15mm all round for A1, or whatever suits your printer.  You really don't need the grey area to tell you if it fits on a printed sheet or not.


We do this because few have the same A3 printer, and it looks nicer that having the grey border!


Tip: Paper Size has to be entered as short side, then long side, i.e. as a portrait sheet in the Page Setup dialog.




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