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How-To: Continuous Line drawing

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I am curious as to "best practice / how-to" in regards to continuous line drawings. I am presently working on recreating a Survey for an upcoming project, and I need to know what steps one takes to make continuous lines within the workspace. I place lines that have an exact start/stop point. I have attempted to make use of the "join" tool and I am still not having much success. Any wisdom you can part with is greatly appreciated. I still feel very green in this application, and naturally still learning. Thanks in advance for your time and contributions.

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Or draw with the polyline tool in corner point mode? Might help to use color codes or classes or a custom select to isolate the various points at any elevation.



Or draw with the 3d polyline tool if z values needed for each poly (or draw with 2d tools and later Modify>Convert>Convert to 3d Poly, then adjust z value in OIP)



Or select the segments and choose Modify>Compose, or apply the shortcut. Mac OS is a 4 finger salute:    shift-option-cmd-p

This will connect any segments with coincident end points.


Many ways to do this.


Forum folks - Can anyone find and link the recent thread about selecting 3d loci and automatically creating a "connect the dots" polyline?  Maybe in Marionette? or a script?  Sorry, I have no time to search right now.



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