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Graphic lag on a new install on a new iMac



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1 hour ago, michaelk said:

I don't think 2019 is compatible with Big Sur.  Check out this page:  https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2019


Force select is available in the contextual menu (right click).



Really?  They drop the support for a version after 3 years?

I am just starting with a new company and new to VW.

I am not impressed with the fundamental kinematics of getting things done.

The advanced functions are enticing but if you cant even do basic work i will loose interest.

This may not last very long.

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In all fairness, changes Apple has been making to the OS (and the processor) recently have made keeping old versions updated impracticable.  On Windows 10 the backwards compatibility is much better.  


Getting a Mac that can run Catalina (I'm still running OS 10.15) will give you a much better experience.  


But if you're going to use VW professionally, take a look at Service Select.  It's cheaper than paying upgrading prices every year and it helps avoid situations like this.  I image that the situation with the Mac version is going to develop pretty rapidly as they transition to running natively on the M1 (M2?) chip.

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