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Accessory numbering in VW2021: 2 Questions


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I'm drafting a plot in VW2021 with quite a lot of accessories. When I insert the accessory, the channel number and unit number are left blank.  My first question is whether there is a way to have the accessories automatically use the same unit and channel number as the light they are attached to when they insert.  This is really what I want to do 90% of the time.  My second question is whether there is a way to number a lot of accessories quickly.  At the moment, the only way I can see to change their info is to edit them one accessory at a time, which is rather slow if you have 40+ accessories.  I can't even do it in Lightwright because without unit and channel numbers there is no way to know which accessory is which.


Any suggestions?

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I believe this is on the list to improve. 

In the meantime — shameless plug — Savvy Sequencer and Savvy Select Similar Instrument both contain options to apply numbering to all accessories (e.g. unit numbers) or only non-static accessories (e.g. channels).





Personally, I use Select Similar Instrument to select all the units in the same position, do a quick check to see that everything is in the correct position (selected as expected), and press the mode bar shortcut (“p” by default) to number.

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