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LED Screen Tool breaks 3D views



LED Screen tool is currently completely unusable for me. Whenever I insert an LED Screen object, I get very strange behavior in 3D views. Objects disappear or appear incorrectly. Which objects appear at all, and how they appear changes depending on zoom and viewing angle in flyover. Bug carries over into viewports.


Additionally, ONLY after inserting an LED Screen, every time I enter flyover WITHOUT an object selected I get a blank canvas with yellow highlighted rulers.


Attached are screenshots of a basic event layout in isometric view before inserting the LED screen, after inserting it, showing the screen selected but invisible, hollow stage(?) missing doors, 3D text showing through wall... just a mess. And a viewport of the same that's even more fun.


For now I will use projection screen objects to fake it, but this is extremely frustrating. I was away from VW for most of the pandemic because, well, not a lot of live events to draw. This issue is new for me since updating VW and returning to this side of the work a month or two ago, but is consistent. The first time it occurred, I thought I just had a corrupted file, tried copy-paste into a new doc, no luck. Re-drew the whole event, same issue. I'm on a brand new installation as I've moved to a network server license, and it has persisted exactly the same way.


Any help appreciated. Am I alone in this?

Ghost objects.jpg

Before LED.jpg



Housing First 2021 Mystic v2.vwx

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I downloaded the file and took a look at it.  The thing that I am seeing is that any 3D Locus point has its "legs" extended way outside the space.  Every one of your chair objects has a 3D Locus at its center, so it becomes a mess.  Just look at this isometric view in wireframe:




The issue is that the ends of those locus points basically extend out into infinity, technically putting geometry too far away from your Internal Origin, which causes all of the anomalies that you are seeing.  While you can remove the 3D locus points from your chair symbols, there are some baked in to the Truss objects, so I don't think you will be able to get rid of them completely.


This is a similar issue to this post here:

But the fix that @Pat Stanford wrote for that one doesn't seem to fix this issue.  I went through all of the Vectorworks preferences in the application itself (Document Settings, Spotlight Settings, Vectorworks Preferences) as well as the scripting side and could not find a preference that I could toggle to get this fixed.  Even setting #D locus points to never being visible still causes the graphical issues of having objects too far away from the Internal Origin.


So, I don't know how to help you.  But I am indeed seeing the same issues that you are in your file.  I also tried backsaving to 2019, but it didn't resolve the issue.


If I removed all of the objects with 3D locus points from the drawing, the 3D flyover would behave properly, and newly placed 3D locus points would likewise behave properly.  I could also place the Event Chair 1 without having the huge locus points.  I know it's at the expense of time, but try deleting the seating, the trusses, and the LED screen and rebuilding them.

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