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Snap to grid settings

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And if you are not opening from a template then you are stuck with the vw default blank file which I don’t think is easy to change. 


I suggest create a template. We even have a “blank” office template with no geometry in it and no classes or layers. It does however have our custom default settings for tools and snap settings, some scripts and custom smart markers and data tags.


Its a real time saver to have this already set up when you start a new document.

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The default blank VW file is very easy to change.


As of VW2021 there are actually three template files.


default.sta is used when you launch VW to create the first file if you have Create New Document On Startup selected in the VW Preferences


Blank (Imperial).sta and Blank (Metric).sta will be used when you create a new blank file from the File:New menu.


If you put versions of these files in your User Folder (Libraries:Defaults:Templates) they will override files named exactly the same in the Applications folder and Workgroup folders.


@michaelk I think this is what Juan was talking about a couple of months ago, but I missed some of it them.

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