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Having Trouble w/ Stair Tool


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I want to create a set of stairs from one floor to another. they will have a landing and will start (at the upper floor) 7' 6" from an inside corner, then turn left at the landing to finish to the lower floor.

Seems no matter how I try to create these stairs they never configure to fit my parameters.

Any hints? ,,, Thank you.

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essentially I have a set of stairs that NEED to start 'down' beginning 7'6" from an inside corner. At the corner there will be a landing with the stairs making a left hand turn to the finish floor below.

The over all finish floor to finish floor is 9' - 3/8".

Where the stair turns at the landing I am trying to determine the head height for where the existing floor needs to be cut. I could do this the 'old fashioned' way, but it's a good exercise for me using VW's to pre-determine the point.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm not sure about the inside corner business, as a stair is an object and can be placed anywhere. What is the floor-to-floor distance? Have you considered the rise/run ratio you want to use? It sounds like the configuration you want to use is a "landing right".

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