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escaping quotes for record format criteria

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I'm really struggling with escaping quotes properly. I want to perform some actions on symbols that have a certain record format field, but I cannot seem to get the criteria to work using ForEachObject.


Im using selCriteria:=concat('CPA Products'.'Serial'=,RF1) as the criteria where selCriteria is the selection criteria and RF1 is a string variable for the record format field contents. Because of all the record format quotes, I cannot seem to get it to work no matter how I try to escape them. Any help would be appreciated.

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Or my favorite, CHR(39) 😉


CHR(39) puts in ascii character which is the single quote.  So my version would look something like:


selCriteria:=Concat(CHR(39),'CPA Products',CHR(39)'.',CHR(39),'Serial',CHR(39),'=',RF1);


I just use CHR(39) where quotes are actually needed in the final string.


To debug, I use AlrtDialog(selCriteria); to see what is actually being produced.


double and triple single quotes are great after you get them working correctly, but they are such a pain to try and read and differentiate. CHR(39) is typing a little more, but you then know exactly what you are doing at a glance.

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Per Pat's suggestion of using chr(39), you can make a "const" declaration of "k39"= chr(39)" which makes is example a tiny bit easier to implement;



    k39 = chr(39)






    selCriteria:=Concat(k39, 'CPA Products', k39, '.', k39, 'Serial', k39, '=', RF1);



Suggestion: spaces after commas have no effect but make the function parameters easier to read.  Pat is missing a comma after the second CHR(39).  That happens to me all the time setting up criteria strings.

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Thanks for the extra hint Sam. You could even set the Const to be something like a capital Q so it is not even any extra characters to type.


Julian, now that you mention it, that sounds vaguely familiar to me also. A quick search didn't turn up anything in my archives either though. I will keep looking. I want to say that perhaps is was not done in VS, but rather though BBEdit or something else?

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